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About Project Fourtress


This is a secular, humanist project, born from the need to find answers and help. Answers to the physical, mental, and emotional pain people experience, and help that is drastically needed, especially and foremost through a comprehensive approach.

In a nutshell, the motivation behind Project Fourtress is:

  • To help people be healthier. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • To help divulge scientific facts to minimize the damage caused by misinformation, pseudoscience, and religious indoctrination.

The message behind the name

The word play with the word “fortress” has three main reasons:

  1. This project does aim to offer a fortified place to those seeking not only help, but also meaning in their fight. Their fight against pain, frustration, disappointment, and misunderstanding.

  2. ​The foundation for this process has four pillars:

    • Physical Health / Fitness

    • Mental Health

    • Emotional Health

    • Scientific approach

  3. As mentioned above, science will have a primordial place in this initiative. The scientific, fact-based approach of Project Fourtress will mirror the rock-solid nature of the edification it takes its inspiration from.

The motivation behind this project

For a long time, I had settled into accepting how I felt. How I felt about my depression, my chronic pain, my shortcomings, and my poor management of my own emotions. There were things I did not want to face, and things I wanted to, but didn’t know how.

During all that time, however, there were two things that kept me going:
my family, and my workout routine. The first has been my pillar, and the second, my anchor. Metaphors aside, these forces lead me to a better understanding of who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to go.

For many people, however, having a loving, supporting family is not a reality. On the other hand, physical improvement could be more of an option. I am absolutely convinced that people have no real notion of how being physically fit, really fit, could transform their whole lives. How it empowers your mind, not just your muscles. How it gives you clarity, and not just energy. How it teaches you discipline that can easily be translated from the gym to your job, your personal life, your whole persona.

The conclusion is very simple: a stronger body WILL help your mind to be in a better place. When your muscles are in top shape, the chances that your mental and emotional health improve are certain. That is why Project Fourtress intends to help you achieve a better version of yourself by establishing a consistent exercising routine.

But obviously, that is just a third of the way. Therapy played a key part in achieving the other two thirds: Mental Health, and Emotional Health.

It would be fair to say that it took me many years to accept therapy was “for me”. There’s a lot of stigma around seeking professional help for the “issues of the mind”, and I fell prey to them too.

I want to help others overcome that stigma, that fear, that hurtful ignorance.

Vision Statement:

Reduce or eliminate stigma attached to mental and emotional illness, and promote a consistently healthier lifestyle through a scientific approach and the sharing of personal experiences.

Mission Statement:

To create a better everyday life for the many people who struggle with physical, mental and emotional health issues.


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